Air Optix Night & Day VS Airsoft

Air Optix Night & Day by Alcon is a quite well-known brand in the market for their FDA approval for 30 continuous days wear, due to their high ability to enable oxygen permeability (DK/t) at 175.

Oxygen permeability (Dk/t), is a very important factor in determine whether the contacts enable long wearing hours comfort and healthier eyes.

Less known is Airsoft by Maxvue, which produced a lens with oxygen permeability (Dk/t) at 190. If you do have complaint wearing Air Optix Night & Day, I would suggest you give Airsoft a try. A higher water content plus UV protected.  Another reason for wearing Airsoft (more…)

Freshkon Alluring Colors & Personality


What does your FreshKon® Alluring Eyes shade say about your personality? Check out for series of analysis to find your best match! 

Winsome Brownfreshkon-winsome-brown 

 Elegant and attractive. Opt for lighter shades of brown show that you are dependable and approachable. Colleagues,        friends and suitors will warm to you, naturally. FreshKon® Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown brings out the amiable  side of you.


Top 3 Colored Contact Lenses (non-big eyes)

Digitalized eye

I realized many out there prefer non-big eyes contact lenses.  Below are the top 3 (non-big eyes) colored contact lenses most preferred by my customers.


‘Vision through GEOLICA is beauty.’ Geolica tagline and they delivers it.

By wearing Geolica Euro Celine, it can creates a truly elegant and luxurious color on your eyes. You can simply upgrade your style by wearing (more…)

iMelody Colour Contact Lenses Review

I have a love relationship with contact lenses. Anyone who has tried lenses would probably love how it gives that extra twinkle to your eyes. Sometimes I do get bored with big eyes contact lenses. Hence, been searching for diameter 14.0mm  that could offers quality colour lens and yet affordable price, I came across iMelody colour contact lenses by iContact International.

imelodyboxTo be able to enhanced my eye beauty without giving me the barbie doll, big eye effect, then iMelody colour contact lenses would be my choice for now. The larger optic zone in the centre, enable me to see the world clearly without any distortion. No more colour lapping disturbance which I encounter with Freshlook Colourblend.

An attractive solution for wearers with different needs is what iMelody colour contact lenses are designed for. For beauty reasons, to achieve a confident or engaging look or simply to differentiate your own distinctive style. The variety of mystic colours allows one to showcase different moods and can be fashionably worn to create a classically beautiful look all the time.

Love the radiance limbal design that can blends naturally with my eyes! My eyes just shine with iMelody colour contact lensesTheir gorgeous, vivid hues endows eyes with mesmerizing magnetism, making my eyes the center of attention! If you would like to give your eyes a little pop then iMelody is a great choice to grab attention! 

I would give it a 4 star for the comfort level. Without the less visible outer black ring and special rounded edge design, I almost forgotten that I am wearing iMelody colour contact lenses. However, at the end of the day, my eyes tends to feel a bit dry. 6-8 hours would be the most recommended wearing time.

iMelody hazel

iMelody contact lenses – Hazel Colour

iMelody contact lenses review

iMelody Colour Contact Lenses effect

iMelody Colour Contact Lenses - Mystic Colours

iMelody Colour Contact Lenses – Mystic Colours

Blincon Color Contact Lenses

Get your Blincon Color Contact Lenses at My Contact Lens Station at the lowest price guarantee. Otherwise, we’ll pay you back twice the difference!

Blincon Color Contact LensVideo Maker

Top selling Freshkon Fusion colors

freshkon-fusionLately, My Contact Lens Station had carried out a survey on top selling colors for Freshkon Fusion in Malaysia. Results are as below:

Malay Market

Dazzlers series; Misty Grey, Hippie Chestnut, Perky Brown

Sparklers series; Glinting Brown, Shimmering Grey
Chinese Market

Dazzlers series; Warm Hazel

Sparklers series; Glinting Brown, Shimmering Grey


From the above, you can see there is a difference in the colors selection for Freshkon Fusion Dazzlers series for Malay and Chinese market, while colors selection seems to be the same for Freshkon Fusion Sparklers series. 80% of Freshkon Fusion wearers prefer Sparklers series as compare to Dazzlers series as it gives a more natural look and slight big eyes effect. Glinting Brown will be a preferred colour as compare to Brilliant Brown because the colour shades is lighter. Hence, easily gives wearer a brighter and more attractive, stunning look.

Minority people especially in Chinese market prefer Dazzlers series. Dazzlers mainly selected by those who have a more daring type of personality, easy going and dare to be different individuals!

Safety of Color Contact Lenses

The quality and safety of many of the most popular brands of colored and limbal ring contact lenses sold in Japan and Asia Pacific have been called into question by The National Consumer Affairs Center (NCAC) of Japan

From night market and other places, you can easily find contact lenses that are selling at RM15 (approximately USD $4.50) per pair. Ever wonder why no such price of colour contact lenses available at leading optical stores?

In fact, thesandwich technology report entitled “Safety of Color Contact Lenses” highlighted that quality lenses such as 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE had no color pigment on the surface of its lenses. The report stated that some manufacturers inaccurately claim “no pigment on the surface” of their lenses when in fact they do.

Color contact lenses are designed and manufactured to the same high safety and performance standards as used across its entire clear contact lens range. Establish manufacturers hold on to their promises to protect eye health as the colorants are embedded between two thin, transparent layers of lens material and prevents the pigment from reaching the surface.

NCAC report co-sponsored by the Japan Ophthalmological Association (JOA) and the Japan Contact Lens Society (JCLS) focused on two areas primarily: product attributes and side effects. Human eye diameter is approximately 12mm in (more…)



Inspired by your natural iris, 1 • DAY ACUVUE DEFINE is specially designed to make our eyes look naturally bigger, sparkling and more beautiful while taking care if your eye health. (more…)

Blincon CC Color Contact Lens

As you notice from the picture above, Blincon CC color contact lens comes with 2 series; Natural and Romance. Keen to try on but aren’t sure which series and colour to choose? Just thought I’d share my thoughts. (more…)

Is Blincon Color Contact Lenses to be worn for Monthly or 3 Months disposable?

I received lots of queries about Blincon Color Contact Lens that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I understand the confusion. You were informed by different eye care practitioners, the different answers.   

I had clarified this matter with Blincon supplier. All series of Blincon Colour Contact Lenses are designed to be worn 1 to 3 months before being disposed of.  All series includes Blincon (black box), Blincon Pearl, Blincon Sweetie, Blincon BB, Blincon CC, Blincon B Color Toric, and Blincon Color Toric.

Well, be responsible for your own eyes. If you know you are lead an active lifestyle, by wearing your Blincon Color contact lens on daily basis for long hours, then discard your contact lenses after a month wear. By saving a few bucks now and burn a big hole in your pocket later by getting an eye infection is not worth it!

If you wear your Blincon Color contact lens about 5 times a week, 5-7 hours a day and practice proper contact lens handling methods, such as rubbing lens, using protein remover to clean your lenses and others,  then suggested that you may use the Blincon Color Contact Lens for 2 months.

3 months disposable will be suggested for those who hardly use their lenses. Maybe you only wear it 1 to 2 times a week.

Wears your contacts responsibly!

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