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BREAK FREE with Acuvue Campaign


Break Free with Acuvue Campaign is launched. Mainly to promote Acuvue contact lenses that are categories in ALL DAY COMFORT range; Acuvue Advance Plus (2 weeks disposable) and Acuvue Moist (daily disposable).Campaign period will be from 10 Oct 2011 to 31 Dec 2011.

In conjunction with this, trial contact lenses will be given out for free. Each person will be entitle either a pair of Acuvue Advance Plus or 3 pairs of Acuvue Moist contact lense.

Just follow two simple mechanics to register for the trial lens:

1. Log on to Acuvue Facebook or Acuvue Malaysia Website and fill up the trial lens registration form.

2. Then, you will received a trial redemption SMS. Simply, just show it the SMS to the eyecare practitioner that you had selected to redeem for the trial lens.

Seriously, get the Acuvue Advance Plus trial lens to try. This is a very comfortable lens silicone hydrogel lens with 94% oxygen entering your eyes for long hours wearing comfort. Get the instant comfort when you insert the lens into your eyes, all day comfort and 14 days comfort while wearing the lenses.

iCONTACT Colour Contact Lenses

iContact colour contact lens has an innovative biocompatible material that works well with the eye’s tears to retain moisture of the contact lens. Thus, contact lens wearers will enjoy the long-lasting comfort throughout the day. iContact colour contact lens has gained ISO9001:(2000) quality systems and CE Mark certification since August 2005 in Singapore. The notified body in Singapore is SGS. iContact colour contact lens is manufactured with the Etafilcon A material which has been granted FDA 510K market clearance.

Besides that, the comfort of iContact lenses is further enhanced with their innovative TruForm edge and a unique tangential back surface. By wearing iContact colour contact lens, ones can easily gain the benefits that include optimum movement, ease in handling, enhanced comfort, extended wearing time and positive benefits in ocular health.

iContact colour contact lenses that are available in Malaysia now with 3 series of colours. They are; (more…)

Are online Korean color contact lenses safe to wear?

I received many emails and messages enquiring whether online Korean color contact lenses are safe to wear.

Are they safe to wear? After my thorough research and getting relevant information and facts (FDA reports) about color contact lenses, I do not think online Korean color contact lenses are safe to wear.In fact, I would advise all, not to be too rely on color contact lenses. Clear (non color) contact lenses should always be your first priority. (more…)

Contact Lenses and Sports

Contact Lenses and Sports

Contact lenses offer considerable advantages over spectacles for sport. Advantages over spectacles are larger field of view and unaffected by bad weather. With contact sports, both player and opponents are safer with no spectacle frame.

Stability is the prime consideration with sport. Wearing soft contact lenses will give virtually no risk of loss from the eye, even with contact sports and able to give consistent vision despite rapid eye movements. For serious sporting use where optimum acuity is required, toric soft contact lenses are often preferable, even to correct a small degree of astigmatism. The main disadvantage is lens dehydration.

Specific application;


Contact lenses are not recommended for swimming unless well-fitted goggles are worn.  Soft contact lenses, if used carefully, have been worn fairly successfully. Some patients are very sensitive to chlorine absorbed by the lenses and may show conjunctival injection after several hours after exposure. This can even occur when lenses have been removed during swimming, but replaced before the chlorine has been eliminated from the eyes.

It should also be remember that swimming pools are a frequent source of ocular infection, and micro-organisms such as Acanthamoeba may be unaffected by chlorine disinfection.


Good results have been obtained with various water content soft lenses when used for scuba diving, with little risk of displacement. Air bubbles tend to form beneath lenses at depths of about 150ft (45m).


Most forms of contact lens prove very successful for skiing. It is essential to use either goggles or large sunglasses to give protection from wind and cold and prevent soft lens dehydration.

Climbing at high altitude

High oxygen transmissibility soft lenses should be used because of the reduced level of oxygen in the atmosphere at high altitude. Extended wear may be well preferred to avoid cold weather difficulties with both handling and solutions.

Soft Contact Lens Fitting

Soft contact lens fitting characteristics are essential for a correctly fitting contact lens to give complete corneal coverage with proper centration to avoid the risk of contact lens complication. Soft contact lens fitting can be assessed in relation to lens movement with: (more…)

Dry Eye

Dry eye should be classified into 2 categories; ‘true’ dry eye and ‘marginal’ dry eye.

‘True’ dry eye is the poor tear quality in most conditions or environments.  Most dryness symptoms and signs exist without contact lens wear.

‘Marginal’ dry eye is insufficient tears in certain conditions. For example during contact lens wear, dry environments such as air (more…)

Eye dryness

Eye dryness is the most frequently reported symptom with contact lens wear and the most common cause of contact lens intolerance. Occasional dryness is also commonly reported by spectacle wearers but is less than in contact lenses.

Contact lens wear decreases the stability of the normal tear film, resulting in faster tear drying time: (more…)

Why is my contact lens uncomfortable?

Defining your contact lens discomfort problems before you walked into your eye care practitioner for further assistance.


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