Inspired by your natural iris, 1 • DAY ACUVUE DEFINE is specially designed to make our eyes look naturally bigger, sparkling and more beautiful while taking care if your eye health.

Going for an interview, date or dinner? Making a great first impression can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo, making those first encounters extremely important. Acuvue Define is definitely my necessity. Unlike other color lenses, even your spouse and close friends wouldn’t notice that you are wearing one. By wearing Acuvue Define contact lenses, seems magically, you will gain the strength, courage and confidence. And with the wearing comfort that you will experience…, trust me, you’re beautiful!

Confidence is the best make up you could wear.

Let your natural beauty shine through! What’s more important that making your spouse falls in love with you all over again?

Words cannot describe how I feel every time I wear Acuvue Define contact lenses. And only by experiencing it yourself, then you will understand.

Here are the 3 lens styles for different personality types:

acuvue define

Don’t wait anymore! Grab the launching price now from RM80 per box only (RSP RM130) exclusively at My Contact Lens Station! Email us for further details.

Have healthy and beautiful eyes with ACUVUE® DEFINE™ – Han Hyo Joo

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