Thanks to Johnson & Johnson Vision Care constant commitment! Recently they announced the launch of their new innovation – Acuvue Advance Plus.

Acuvue Advance Plus comes with a 3D comfort in order for contact lens wearer to enjoy every moments to the fullest. The science behind 3D comfort is;

  • Day 1 comfort – Packed in a solution with ‘tear-like’ osmolality, Acuvue Advance Plus provides instant comfort from the first moment of wear.
  • Daylong comfortHYDRACLEAR Technology packs a moisture-rich wetting agent into the lens matrix for long lasting comfort from morning till night.
  • Day 14 comfort – Fresh new lens every two weeks for consistent comfort from Day 1 to Day 14.

Advantages of Acuvue Advance Plus are:

  • silicone hydrogel material with 2 weeks disposable lens rather than monthly disposable lens, mainly due to lower the risk of contact lens induced complication.
  • ‘tear-like’  osmolality packaging solution for instant wearing comfort
  • HYDRACLEAR and Ultra-Clean Technology for all day wearing comfort.
  • Class 1 UV protection for the eyes – blocking 94% of UVA and 99% of UVB
  • low modulus – more flexibility of the lens
  • low coefficient of friction – to deliver the silky feeling while wearing. Thus, enable eyelid to glide effortlessly.

My personal review:

As Acuvue Advance Plus comes in 2 base curve 8.3 and 8.7, I had to try both of them.

Day 1 – I wore base curve 8.3. Indeed, as I put on the lenses, the instant comfort is there. Within minutes, I can’t hardly feel the lenses in my eyes. Awesome! I did the push up test and the movement was about 0.3mm. I have astigmatism of -0.75D on both eyes, thus, I did not expect my vision to be perfect. Looking at objects outside my window is acceptable, but doing my work with the computer gave me slight difficulty but still tolerable. However, after 8 hours of wearing the lens, I felt mild discomfort and red vessels become slightly more visible on my eyes. I, then, removed the lens, and it took me a while before I can manage to get use to my spectacle.

Day 2 – I put on base curve 8.7. The immediate comfort feeling is definitely undeniable. I did felt the lenses a bit loose on my eyes. But the feeling of wearing, Acuvue Advance Plus is still that wonderful. I easily forgot that I was wearing lenses. In fact, my vision was better as comparison in wearing base curve 8.3. I removed the lenses after 8 hours of wearing it, and noticed that the redness of my eyes is less compare to base curve 8.3 and I got adapted to my spectacle faster too!

Day 3 – I wore Acuvue Oasys for 8 hours, as well.

In conclusion, I would prefer to wear Acuvue Advance Plus of base cure 8.7 than 8.3. A slightly loose fit lens is definitely fine, as I felt more comfortable and my eyes look better at the end of the day. Although I prefer base curve 8.7, but this does not necessary means that you should be wearing base curve 8.7. Do seek professional consultation and advice from your eyecare practitioner. However, the comfort feeling I got by wearing Acuvue Oasys definitely surpass Acuvue Advance Plus.

Overall, Acuvue Advance Plus is really a breakthrough solution for all contact lens wearer. Such a wonderful lens at such an affordable price! For all new contact lens wearers and current normal hydrogel monthly lens wearers, I, strongly suggest changing your current contact lens to Acuvue Advance Plus, for healthier eyes. Trust me, wearing Acuvue Advance Plus contact lens will be a whole new experience!

‘You got nothing to lose but everything to gain!’

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