Acuvue is just a branding for the contact lenses produced by Johnson & Johnson company. Acuvue contact lenses is divided into daily wear, bi-weekly wear and monthly wear. All Acuvue contact lenses come with handling blue tint and UV protection.

acuvue clearAcuvue clear is the monthly disposable contact lenses. A pack containing 6 pieces of contact lenses, which a pair is for a month usage only. Targeting on younger generation where budget comes into consideration – ‘comfortable and yet affordable’.

Review: Acuvue clear contact lenses have then tendency to attract protein due to the material used. Thus, wearers should always remember to rub their contact lenses after wear (before storing to the casing). Rubbing could remove certain protein deposits  & ensure more comfort wear especially after 2 weeks of daily wearing.

acuvue2Acuvue 2 is a bi-weekly disposable contact lenses. This lenses offers exceptional comfort and easy maintenance. Have a High-Tech Contour Intelligent Design making the contact lenses so comfortable to wear.

Review: Acuvue 2 contact lenses can be consider a very comfortable daily wear lenses.

acuvue 1dayAcuvue 1 day is very convenient for wearers as you used it, then just throw it away. No hassle of cleaning lenses and feeling fresh everyday. Very hygiene and suitable for wearers with allergy to solutions and those who live a busy lifestyle. Money saving from buying solutions, too.

Review: Acuvue 1 day is very comfortable to wear. Suitable for those who wears contact lenses on occasional occasions only e.g. dinners, functions, sports, traveling and etc. Doctors usually recommend daily disposable lenses on wearers who have eye infections previously (those wearers who are not keen in maintaining hygiene care).

acuvue 1day moistWith LACREON™ technology (embeds a water holding ingredient onto contact lens),  Acuvue 1 day Moist is very comfortable to wear. Long hours of wearing is possible, where your eyes still feel so moist and fresh.

Review: Immediate feeling of moist when one put on the Acuvue 1 day Moist and really can last all day long. For those who live a busy and hectic lifestyle, affordable to the pricing, Acuvue 1 day Moist is the contact lenses you don’t want to miss out.

acuvue oasysAcuvue Oasys is the next generation lenses, silicone hydrogel lenses. Design for superior comfort, even in challenging dry enviroment, such as air conditioner office and in airplane. Contain HYDRACLEAR™ Plus technology, the silicone hydrogel lenses become more wettable and ultra smooth during wear.

Review : Acuvue Oasys is indeed a very comfortable lenses for long hours wearing. Sufficient oxygen transmit into the eyes and the  HYDRACLEAR™ Plus technology making the lenses don’t feel dry throughout the whole day of wearing. Althought the comfort level is slightly less than Acuvue 2, but Acuvue Oasys enable wearers to use the lenses much longer hours & don’t really feel dry. Eyes significantly become healthier with the sufficient oxygen supply.

Thus, among all the Acuvue contact lenses available, I strongly recommend Acuvue Oasys in terms of the comfort, healthier for the eyes in long term and hygiene. With the near 100% breathable contact lenses, less complication will occur in each individual eyes after long hours of usage.

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