When Johnson & Johnson Vision Care did the voluntary product recall of BC 9.0 1 Day Acuvue TruEye in August 2010, nothing much passed my mind. A very simplistic way to look at it is that they are just taking up the responsibilities in admitting that some manufacturing defects occurred. It is common in expecting to find a small percentage of manufacturing defects in a group of products produced according to a particular plan.

We ought to develop self-awareness.  When inserting the lens into the eye and you feel unusual stinging or pain sensation, these indicate that something is wrong with the lens. Immediately remove it, try rubbing and rinsing the lenses again either with multipurpose solutions or saline, before putting it back on. If still feel uncomfortable, soak the lens with multipurpose solution in the case and bring it over to your eyecare practitioner to arrange for a new lens replacement.

By: Joey Lee Chua

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