Air Optix Night & Day by Alcon is a quite well-known brand in the market for their FDA approval for 30 continuous days wear, due to their high ability to enable oxygen permeability (DK/t) at 175.

Oxygen permeability (Dk/t), is a very important factor in determine whether the contacts enable long wearing hours comfort and healthier eyes.

Less known is Airsoft by Maxvue, which produced a lens with oxygen permeability (Dk/t) at 190. If you do have complaint wearing Air Optix Night & Day, I would suggest you give Airsoft a try. A higher water content plus UV protected.  Another reason for wearing Airsoft contacts is they are aspherical design lens, means, you will have a crisper and sharper vision during low light condition.Good news is they do come in a pack of 2 pieces for your first try out.

I do not recommend 30 days continuous wear, unless you are properly monitored by your eye doctor or opticians. Especially for those staying in Malaysia. Humid weather can easily caused eye infection if you do not handle lens with care or abuse lens wear.

Below are the charts for Air Optix Night & Day and Airsoft contact lenses product specification.aopndvs


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