One of my patients walked in into my practice yesterday. She decided to send in her permanent toric contact lenses after half year of wearing it.

She told me, “I was suffering from conjunctivitis the other day when I went to Genting for holiday. Luckily there was a clinic there. Doctor gave me some eyedrop and I felt alright 3 days after that. I think my lenses needed to be cleaned.”

“How you feel the other day? What symptoms you had?” I asked. Typically she felt itchiness, irritation, tearing, photo-phobia, eye swelling, foreign body sensation and mucous discharge. Started with her right eye, then spread to the left eye.

I opened up her contact lens case to check on the contact lens. I was so shocked to see both of her contact lenses was so dirty. And yet she told me that she cleaned the lens always as what I told her. *sigh*

This patients is suffering from contact lens allergic conjunctivitis. Inflammation of the conjunctiva, the membrane covering the eye. Causing dilation of blood vessels at conjunctiva resulting in the redness of the eye. Symptoms like eye redness, tearing, mucous discharge, foreign body sensation, intolerance to lens wear, itchiness and swelling of the eye. Severe condition will caused giant papillary conjunctivitis (GPC).

The main reason for the occurrence of conjunctivitis is due to irresponsible patient in maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of their contact lenses. The protein deposits of the eye binds with the contact lens surface. Thus, causing irritation of conjunctiva.

Treatment: Recommended to cease lens wear for a week to a month. After that, decrease contact lens wearing hours, change cleaning regimen (recommended to use hydrogen peroxide system e.g. AO Sept) and proper cleaning of contact lens.

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