Eyes reflect emotions, intelligence and life experience. The beauty that eyes can posses goes beyond imagination! Thus, there’s been a paradigm shift as consumers prefer to wear colour contact lenses, rather than clear contact lenses . Everywhere, anywhere, anytime, we can easily see those people around us wearing colour contact lens. Colour contact lenses with big eyes series has been the highest demand of all.

Those illegal colour contact lenses, especially those made from Korea,  are easily available; from internet, night market and even retail shops. Purchasing illegal colour contact lens without understanding the quality of the lens and proper consultation from qualified eyecare practitioner, can only do harm to your eyes.

However, my advice to all ladies, please be a beauty with brains! You are in the educated society of 21st century!

Just like your health. Eating the burger won’t kill you-today. But compounded over time, it can and will. Not eating it won’t save you-today. But compounded over time, it can and will. Thus, wearing those illegal colour contact lens, it don’t seems do give you any harm-today. But compunded over time, it definitely can and will! By the time you got infection, think back, you had a choice!

The Dangers of Illegal Contact Lenses

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