Comparing between Biofinity and Acuvue Oasys contact lenses, I would definitely choose Biofinity. Why?

  • Biofinity lens material is wettable by itself. Unlike Acuvue Oasys, using the HYDRAClear Plus technology to keep the lens in more moisture condition. Thus, contact lens wearer who uses the hydrogel peroxide system will find that Acuvue Oasys is not so comfortable to wear after a week usage.
  • Biofinity is incredible in preventing protein build up on the lenses itself.
  • Biofinity lens is an aspheric design lens. Contact lens wearer will notice that their night vision seems much better compare to Acuvue Oasys, especially those who has astigmatism of -0.25D to -0.75D.
  • Biofinity lens might be slightly thicker than Acuvue Oasys as Biofinity is a monthly disposable contact lenses. But once you get use to it, that slight thickness difference will eventually be forgotten.
  • Biofinity lens is definitely more economical to use.

Thus, I, strongly recommend contact lens wearer to use Biofinity contact lenses. Get the best for your eyes!

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