As you notice from the picture above, Blincon CC color contact lens comes with 2 series; Natural and Romance. Keen to try on but aren’t sure which series and colour to choose? Just thought I’d share my thoughts.

I believe looking naturally beautiful is something within every person‘s grasp. With the creation of colour contact lenses, your natural beauty can easily be enhanced.

If you are currently Blincon Black Box Series wearers of Secret Black and Amazing Brown, then they are very similar to Blincon CC Natural Black and Natural Honey. Natural Cha Cha colour is slightly greyish brownish, giving big eyes effect where your eyes won’t look so much like doll eyes look as compare Natural Black. On the other hand, Natural Choco colour easily enhance your look very naturally and suitable for daytime wear with light or no make up on.

Blincon CC Romance series come with a unique colour pattern. Will the pattern look obvious or weird when you wear? Well, no. In fact, I love it. The colour patterns enable your original eye iris colour to blends better, creating a much natural look.

And I will always remember that day when I came back from my Sunday shopping, wearing Blincon CC Romance Cha Cha. He said, “Hey, you somehow look very pretty today!” It made my day, as he rarely compliments me.

For your confidence boost, Blincon CC is what you need!

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