BLINCON color contact lens is another type of soft cosmetics colour contact lens in the market. I heard of it before but not really keen to know because there just too many brands available.

Until one day, I had been approached by my friend, “Joey, have you heard about Blincon colour contact lens? Is very comfortable to wear, somehow I can see crisper vision and most important of all, Blincon colour contact lens comes with astigmatism.”

Trying is believing. Indeed, I think the lens is much better than Freshlook colour lens. No more vision compromise for me as I have -0.75D astigmatism.  Recommended selling retail price is about RM90. A 3 months disposable lens. I would prefer, contact lens wearer to use Supraclens from Alcon together with the multipurpose solution every night, to ensure the lens is clean properly and comfortable throughout 3 months wearing period.

Varieties of colours available.

Classic Colour – Affectionate simple and traditional style Classic colour range is suitable for those who prefer to get the attention from others and yet look so natural like your own eyes. An unexplained beauty!

Jazzy Colour – Outgoing sexy and bright attentionJazzy colour range is very suitable for hot, fun and outgoing ladies. Never feel bored always getting the sun-shine attraction from others! ~Sexy and seductive~

Elegance – Fashionable charming and graceful lookElegance colour range is suitable for professional ladies. Easily able to captivate others with your beautiful eyes that are enhanced with rich and yet natural colours of elegance series. You will be able to portray your standard of tastefulness, by giving others the feeling of an unusually elegance look and yet a simple you.  Just a glance is all it takes to lock the beholder attention to you!

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