Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I buy contact lens online?

We can easily get the best deal or best price that no optical retailer would offer by ordering our contact lens online.

How can they offer such low prices on contact lenses?

They can offer such low pricing because of their large purchasing power. Thus, enable them to negotiate the best possible pricing from contact lens manufacturers and distributors. They simply just pass those savings along.

Can I trust those website that are selling contact lens online?

Why not? An American multinational public corporation, GOOGLE INC., mission was “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. So, only website with appropiate information to share, and  able to add value to others, then only will appear at Google search engine. Google is well-known to ban off those spam webpage.  Thus, buying contact lens online is definitely safe and trustable, especially those with own domain.

What if I am not satisfy with the products received?

Don’t worry about this. All you need is to email or contact the seller, and they are ever willing to do compensation for us.

I love shopping. However, due to my hetic lifestyle, I can only I do my shopping online and I just love it!  Simple, easy and convenient, as delivery right to my doorsteps!

Thus, I created a simple shopping cart. For Malaysian, if you are interested to buy contact lens at the lowest price, feel free to have a look at My Contact Lens Station. I, sincerely, guarantee that the contact lens price is the lowest and that no other retailer would offer.

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