Can I use my contact lenses longer than the recommended replacement schedule?

This is a very common question that I got from my patients.

Frankly, I DO NOT recommend patients to wear the disposable contact lens more than the recommended replacement schedule. Abusing the usage of contact lenses will only lead you to eye INFECTION.


  • Disposable lens is created to have higher water content for longer hour wearing comfort. Higher water content lenses have the tendency to allow Acanthameoba bacterial to grow.
  • As for silicone hydrogel lenses, the contact lens material itself attracts dirt and protein deposits from the eye is much higher than normal hydrogel lenses. Protein deposits will also be accumulated in the eye lead to various contact lens complications, especially on conjunctiva layer.

THINK. Why do you have to put your eyes in the risk of INFECTION? Just to save up few bucks? In the end, you are not only going to burn a big hole in your pocket form the consultation of eye specialist, but also putting yourself into unnecessary suffering of pain.

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