I received a lot of emails inquiring regarding the diameter of the particular brand of colour contact lens. Seems that many people thought that the diameter is equivalent to how big your eyes will looked after wearing the colour contact lenses.

Well, girls, diameter itself do not directly determine how ‘big eyes’ effect the lens will be. Basically is how the manufacturer Patented Colour Lens Printing onto the contact lens.

Freshlook ColourBlends from Ciba Vision has a diamter of 14.5mm. However, everyone knows that Freshlook Colourblend is just another normal colour contact lens that do not provide ‘big eyes effect’ after wearing it. True or true?

The diameter of Blincon BB and Sweetie series are 14.5mm, too. But, by wearing the lenses, you can notice that the bigger eyes effect instantly.

Thus, you should always try out the lenses yourself or get further information on the effect outcome from those who had tried it.

ColourVUE contact lenses consist of 7 series colour contact lenses. Initially, they all come in the same diameter of 14.0mm. Even with a diameter of 14.0mm, Colourvue also able to produce the ‘Big Eyes’ series. Only later last year, they introduced the 15.0mm diameter lenses. In such case, for the ‘Big Eyes’ series, diameter of 15.0mm lenses will definitely look much bigger than the 14.0mm.

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