Eye dryness problem during contact lens wear has become a common problems nowadays.

But do you, as a contact lens user, figure out why such problem occurs?

Think. Simple reason. Because you just wear the lenses for too long hours and for a stretch of few years, on daily basis. Your eyes just alarming you that they are so suffocated! Insufficient oxygen!!!

SO, is a must for you to depend on contact lenses? Thus, which is a better option? Colour contact lenses or clear contact lenses???

Eyes are the window to the soul. Eyes reflect emotions, intelligence and life experience. The beauty that eyes can posses goes beyond imagination. Surely everyone hope that wearing colour lenses couldĀ  make oneselves easily attract more attentions from others. However, there is no colour contact lenses available with silicone hydrogel material yet. Thus, regardless how expensive the colour lens is, still it will never give you the experience of excellent comfort during wear. What make it worse is, long hours wearing these lenses for years will only cause your sclera (the white part of your eye) turning yellowish. Thus, would yellowish eyes look attractive? NO! In fact, I think babies just have such lovely eyes, regardless of what eye colour they have.

Thus, I hope you are not too dependent on colour contact lenses. Opt for silicone hydrogel material clear contact lenses, where your eyes can breath! Make your eyes look beautiful in years to come. Eyes speak words that lips will never form. Through the eye connections that are made, can be so deep and true that distance and time cannot negate the bond set.I strongly believe that you also do not want your loves one to look into your eyes that you also do not find it attractive. Have confident with what God has given to you. When you have the confident with yourselves, people will easily be attracted to you!

Therefore, I strongly said clear silicone hydrogel lenses are the best for your eyes! NOT COLOUR CONTACT LENSES!

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