ColourVUE Colour Contact Lenses

ColourVUE is a breakthrough in disposable coloured contact lenses. The lenses are made from newly developed hydrogel material, manufactured using a precision lathe cut and caste moulding method which results in ultra thin design. The design prevents damage to the cornea and is remarkably comfortable on the eyes thanks to the excellent oxygen permeability. The coloured layers are sandwiched to prevent the colour substance from coming into contact with the eyes, ensuring safety without any side effects.

ColourVUE offer the widest selection of coloured and crazy contact lenses on the market with close to 80 variations of colours and designs available to satisfy today’s fashion conscious society. Whether you need a simple colour change or something to go with a wild Halloween costume, ColourVUE offer the perfect lenses for every occasion.

ColourVUE Colour Contact Lens Specification:

Water Content – 45%

Base curve – 8.6mm

Diameter – 14.0mm, 15.0mm

Packaging – 2 lenses per box, 1 lens per vial

Replacement – depending on which series; 3 months, yearly

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