“My eyes easily feel dry after wearing my contact lens for a few hours. Are there any contact lenses that are meant for dry eye?”

Actually there are no particular contact lenses that are meant for dry eye. But, there are few solutions to dry eye due to contact lens wear.

(a)    Water content of contact lenses

Misconception of patients that high water content lenses will surely better than lower water content contact lenses. Patients with dry eye problem should wear lower water content contact lenses. Otherwise, contact lens will tends to absorb tears from your eyes to ensure that the contact lens is stayed hydrated. Thus, due to lack of tears, your eyes will feel much drier and more uncomfortable.

(b)   Eye drop

Contact lens tends to dry up easier in air conditioner room and long hours ‘staring’ at computer. Worst case scenario if you are a smoker or on pregnancy prevention medication. Therefore, eye drop is necessary to ensure comfort wear of contact lenses throughout the day.

Do seek consultation from your eyecare practitioner on the eye drops that are suitable for contact lens wear rather than buying yourself off the shelf.  Certain eye drop may not be compatible with contact lens wear.

(c)    Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses

Silicone hydrogel material contact lenses allow high oxygen permeability – giving you a better vision and healthier eyes. Silicone hydrogel material contact lenses come in much lower water content than normal hydrogel contact lenses. Thus, they are more suitable for dry eye patients.

Silicone hydrogel contact lenses that are available in the market are Acuvue Advance Plus (J&J), Acuvue Oasys (J&J), PureVision (B+L), Air Optix (Ciba Vision) and Biofinity (Cooper Vision).

(d)   Cleaning and disinfecting solution

Solution that is we use to soak contact lenses does play a role.

Biotrue from Bauch & Lomb, is the newly launched multipurpose solution. Unlike other multipurpose solution, the viscosity of Biotrue is much higher. After soaking my contact lenses overnight, I can actually use my contact lenses for longer hours!

Why? Due to the process of osmosis, by soaking the contact lens overnight, it will be able to retain more water molecules, to ensure longer wearing hours comfort.

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