Contact lenses are merely a choice for cosmetics purposes but mainly to provide a satisfactory visual. Those patients with visual problems like anisometropia, high myopia, aphakia, irregular corneas, scarring, keratoconus and grafts. Contact lenses benefit; individual occupation where spectacle are inconvenient like stage performers, armed forces, certain sports & others, medical usage as bandage and therapeutic, cosmetic purposes like changing eye colour or wanted to avoid spectacles.

Before you decided to wear contact lenses, you ought to know some contradiction in wearing lenses. E.g. working enviroment is dusty, visual is not as clear as spectacles, diabetic patient, poor tears volume, poor quality of tears, poor blinking, dry enviroments

Contact lenses, nowadays, are divided into semi-hard and soft lenses.

Semi-hard or called RGP (Rigid Gas Permeanble) lenses is not so commonly used in today society. Longer adaption period needed & precise fitting required. Main advantages of RGP lenses are excellent visual could be obtained, correction of corneal astigmatism, easy maintenance, few protein deposits problems and etc.

Soft contact lenses are more commonly prescribed in the market. Due to the good initial comfort, easy adaptation, absence of spectacle blur,  convenient for sports, lower risk of losing the lenses and others. However, then disadvantages of soft contact lenses are lens dehydration problems, solution allergies on certain individual, protein deposits on lenses, limited life span, expensive in maintenance, creating lots of complication (e.g corneal vascularisation, CLIPC & etc) and others.

Everything things  come with the pro & cons. For my own opinion, contact lenses are a wonderful creation. However, if possible, we should not be too dependent on lenses. At times, do wear back your glasses. Minor damage cells on the cornea (due to long hours of wearing hydrogel lenses) can recover by themselves within a week without wearing contact lenses.

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