Dry eye is a common issue nowadays. Symptoms like itchiness, photophobia (sensitive to light), CL intolerance, burning or stinging sensation, discomfort & etc. Various factors involved e.g. age, gender, incomplete blink, lasik complication, CL wear, long hours with pc,  dusty & dry enviroment and etc. Dry eye is more common on women than men. Significant to those taking oral contraceptives and smoker.

I’ll go further on dry eye due to contact lens wear. Long hours of using contact lenses (CL) on daily basis is the key factor to dry eye, especially those who are wearing normal hydrogel lenses & poor CL hygiene. Using CL for long hours means your eyes is consistently lack of oxygen supply to reproduce new cells. Thus, this will initially affecting the tears layers and later bringing in other CL induced eye complication. Tears layers are so important for us as their functions are to flush off debris from our eyes, to produce a smooth surface between air and CL for us to see better, act as a defense mechanism from bacteria and supply oxygen & nutrients to the eye.

Thus, CL wearers are recommended to use the normal hydrogel lenses for 8-10 hours per day, 5 days a week only. Give your eyes a break, by wearing back your spectacle. After few months of wearing CL, rest for 1 week without CL on. Most of the dead cells can be regenerated within 7 days by themselves.

If your dry eye with CL on still don’t get any better after 1 week resting, then suggested that you change to wear silicone hydrogel lenses. Silicone hydrogel lenses may be more rigid, but the material hardly absorb water from your eyes and provide sufficient oxygen flow to the eye.  Also try to change different soaking solution.

systaneMeanwhile, CL wearers can use recommended eye drops to lubricate your eyes while wearing the contact lenses. Recommended dry eye therapy eye drop is Systane, produced by Alcon. Drop 1-2 drops into the eye in the morning before wearing contact lenses. It is water based but will turned to gel like when in the eye. However, it do not disturb not give blur vision. Normally, should last wearer for 12 hours at least. Discard off the solution from the recommended period. Systane can be used for those who feel dry eye even without wearing contact lenses.

If using lens lubricant or changing to silicone hydrogel lenses also do not work, then it is better that you stop wearing contact lenses.stop

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