Emergency contact lens storage.

What should we do if we are out for a  sleep-over at friends house but forgotten to bring along the contact lens case and multipurpose solution? Here are three options that you could do:

  • If your friend is a contact lens wearer, get a new case from him/her and some fresh solution, to store your contact lens.
  • Grab a starter kit (a multipurpose solution and a case) from the nearest pharmacy, 7-eleven or optical store.
  • Just discard of your contact lens after removing.

If none of the above is a choice for you, under emergency circumstances storage, use the mineral water bottle cap, clean it thoroughly and wipe it dry with tissue. Remove your contact lens and leave it in the cap, air-dry. Following day, contact lens will become harden. Thus, pour multipurpose solution into the cap and leave it until the contact lens soften. Take it out, clean your lenses thoroughly and soak it overnight again before using it again. If you feel pain wearing the lenses later on, then you have to discard it off immediately. However, this method of storing is strongly not recommended.

Always remember, do not in contact your contact lens with any other water other than the contact lens multipurpose solution.

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