Eye dryness is the most frequently reported symptom with contact lens wear and the most common cause of contact lens intolerance. Occasional dryness is also commonly reported by spectacle wearers but is less than in contact lenses.

Contact lens wear decreases the stability of the normal tear film, resulting in faster tear drying time:

  • Cornea (without contact lenses) – 30 seconds
  • Soft contact lenses – 10 seconds
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses – 4 to 6 seconds

Contact lenses can induces dryness through faster evaporation of an unstable tear film, altered blinking habits and lens material dehydration leading to increased lens-lid friction, deposit formation and/or corneal desiccation.

SYMPTOMS of dryness are burning sensation, scratchiness, grittiness and dryness. In more severe condition will be excessive mucus secretions and photophobia.

SIGNS of dryness

Signs of dryness include bulbar hyperemia, crustiness or stickiness of eyelids, tear frothing at outer canthus and mucus strands or blobs.

Refer to your eye care practitioner for proper consultation and a thorough check-up on your tear meniscus, tear film debris and corneal or conjunctival damage.

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