One of our patient, working few shops away from my practice, rushed into my practice.

‘Can I clean my contact lenses, please?’

In shocked, we asked, ‘What happened to your eyes?’

‘I just got caught in the rain! I got no idea that my eyes became so red. Probably due to the acid rain that was reported in the news about the volcano eruption in Iceland. Gosh!’

What should you do when your eyes suddenly turns red while wearing contact lens?

You should immediately remove your contact lenses. Clean it thoroughly, preferably with contact lens cleaner. Otherwise, use the multipurpose solution, rub and rinse it thoroughly. Store your contact lenses into the contact lens case with fresh multipurpose solution. You are not suppose to wear the contact lens until the redness subsides.

Forcing yourselves to wear the contact lens when you got red eye will easily exposed yourselves to get eye infections. Please beware!

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