Why my eyes feel itchy during & after contact lens wear?

Contact lens wearer who feel itchy during & even after the removal of contact lens wear indicate that the lens you are currently using is in a  ‘dirty‘ condition. Normally, eversion of contact lens wearers’ upper will show the appearance of numerous papillae.

‘Dirty’ condition of the contact lenses, mainly due to  the accumulation of protein depositions, lipids, calcium and mucous from your eyes onto the contact lenses.

Thus, is your duty as a contact lens wearer, to be alert about your eyes condition.

Recommended that, you:

  • change the type or design of contact lens you are using
  • switching to daily disposable contact lenses
  • alter your lens care regimen to hydrogen proxide system. E.g. AO Sept from Ciba Vision, Multi from Sauflon or Oxysept from AMO
  • improve your ocular hygiene

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