What does your FreshKon® Alluring Eyes shade say about your personality? Check out for series of analysis to find your best match! 

Winsome Brownfreshkon-winsome-brown 

 Elegant and attractive. Opt for lighter shades of brown show that you are dependable and approachable. Colleagues,        friends and suitors will warm to you, naturally. FreshKon® Alluring Eyes in Winsome Brown brings out the amiable  side of you.

freshkon-mystical-black Mystical Black

Poised and professional. Black gives the impression that you are the leader and not to trifled with. Tell the world that you  are strong, sophisticated and savvy. Get the strength to lead your team at work with FreshKon® Alluring Eyes in  Mystical Black. Full of drive and passion, courage is your middle name.



freshkon_mesmeric-black Mesmeric Black

 Authentic and charismatic. Authenticity is the power to your beauty. Exude your uniqueness with this softer and subtler  black for that natural charismatic look. Charm your way through in an expressive pair of eyes, dressed in FreshKon®  Alluring Eyes Mesmeric Black. 



 Magnetic Greyfreshkon_magnetic-grey 

 Confident and captivating. Grey eye suggest a watchful and observant character. Choose this contemporary grey to ooze  class and confidence. You carry yourself with confidence. Let your personality shine through in in FreshKon® Alluring  Eyes Magnetic Grey. 



 New Colour! Majestic Brown freshkon-alluring-majestic-brown

 Assertive and engaging. Your independence and determination are reflect in this darker shade of brown. Hit refresh on  your creativity and positivism in life with this new majestic shade now. <3 Are you a ‘Majestic Brown’? 



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