Finally, Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1-DAY disposable lens is available!

I had tried on Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1-DAY disposable lens, and I assure you that Freshkon is definitely a brand that promises aesthetic impact and delivers excellent wearing comfort. Based on Clinical Trial Results 2012, 93% of the respondents wore Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1-DAY for at least 12 hours comfortably.

Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1-DAY disposable lens maintains all the key features and benefits of their monthly disposable lens, which are:

  • Aesthetic appeal – defined outline for alluring bigger, brighter eyes effect
  • Superior comfort – 58% water content, hydrophilic (water loving) surface and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) for comfortable wear
  • Easy handling – easy to fit, no curling lens problems
  • Excellent vision – large optical zone for clear vision
  • Wide power range from -0.00D to -10.00D.

Brilliantly and beautifully conceptualized, Freshkon Alluring Eyes 1-DAY is the easiest way to natural healthy alluring eyes. Wear a fresh pair of lenses every day!

It comes with 3 top selling shades; Mystical Black, Winsome Brown and Magnetic Grey.  Available in 10 pieces pack and 30 pieces pack.

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