Freshkon Alluring Eyes, as everyone knows it as an iris-enhancing lens which could creates an optical illusion by making the wearers’ eyes look bigger and brighter than they actually are. Besides that, Freshkon Alluring Eyes has large optical zone and 55% water content. A monthly disposable lens that is surprisingly comfortable to wear.

Freshkon Alluring Eyes series initially come with Mystical Black and Winsome Brown shades only. Lately, they introduce another two new enchanting shades into the market; Mesmeric Black and Magnetic Grey.

Basically, I do not see significant difference between the two new shades. The colour patterns are the same, except that Mesmeric Black is just slightly darker tone. However, Magnetic Grey seems to make your eyes look bigger than Mesmeric Black.

Which enchanting shades suits me best? (P.S. Reference for Asian, with dark brown eyes like me!)

If you enjoy making your eyes look bigger and yet no one knows that you are wearing contact lens, then Mesmeric Black and Magnetic Grey will be a good choice.

If you wanted others to notice your bigger and brighter eyes, even from afar, then Mystical Black is your choice. I prefer wearing Mystical Black for some photography sessions or party functions, which could enhance my eyes further with just slight make up. Confidence and attention are just what I needed.

Winsome Brown will be suitable for those who wanted your eyes to look bigger and natural brown in colour.

P.S. Worry that Freshkon Alluring Eyes shades is not suitable for you? Visit your eyecare practitioner for a sample trial.

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