Freshkon colors fusion launches two new colors contact lenses into The Sparklers Series” for a more sparkling, radiant look; Blooming Pink and Glinting Brown.

The Sparklers series, with two fabulous new colors, will have you turning heads with just a glance. Be radiant and sparkle with the Sparklers, or be dazzling and vivacious with the original Dazzlers series. Match them with your mood, your whim, your life!

My personal reviews:

I tried on both new colors. The colors are amazing and I love them. I thought Blooming pink color would looked weird but it looked just fine and nice. Glinting Brown color is slightly more to yellowish-brown. And both of the new colors, seems natural to me. For color contact lens users, who are more adventurous, then these two new colors will add more spices to your life!

However, among all the colors available in Freshkon colors Fusion, I would still prefer Brilliant Brown and Shimmering Grey colors!!!

The other 4 Sparklers series colors reviews are available on my previous Freshkon colors Fusion blog. Supplier do provide samples for trial on-the-spot. Thus, walk-in to your eye care practitioner to try on the new colors now!

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