Freshkon has launched their new range of cosmetic contact lenses – FreshKon Dezigner. The first series to be launched is Solitaire Series, featuring a multi-faceted diamond cut design that frames the iris and gives it a sassy, stunning look.

There are four stunning shadesPink, Aqua, Orange and Green. Mainly, these shades are set to appeal to confident young, creative and fashion-sassy women who take pride in being the centre of attraction.

Pink Solitaire easily brings out the angelic princess personality.

Aqua (Blue) Solitaire makes one looked very in controlled, calm and captivating, and to get a burst of sexy freshness.

Orange Solitaire will give you the unique and magnetic feel. Seems you are just settling for the sun kiss attraction, as you portray the warm and approachable character.

Green Solitaire will turn you into a gorgeous babe and there is no doubt about it.

Just four of these stunning colours and unique solitaire design are able to give users the freedom to redesign and to create personal signature looks; either for work or play. A pair of attractive fake eyelashes, matching sassy make-up and a pair of groovy Freshkon Dezigner are all you need for an instant makeover. Dressing up for a stunning look is not an issue anymore, because Freshkon Dezigner is designed to shine!

It’s unique, it’s groovy, it’s stunning, it’s personal!

FreshKon Dezigner – My Design, My Signature!

As usual, Freshkon Dezigner material will provide user with the optimal comfort. Besides having 55% of water content and hydrophilic surface for comfortable wear, Freshkon Dezigner lens is easy to fit with no curling problem. Furthermore, excellent vision is guarentee with the large optical zone and a wide power range from -0.00D to -10.00D.

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