Freshkon Mosaic – ‘Just One Look’

Just one look is all it takes to captivate your beholders, when your beautiful eyes are enhanced with the rich yet natural colors of FreshKon Mosaic cosmetic lenses. Featuring POINTILLAâ„¢, a unique hyper real-pattern which gives you that fashionable and natural look. FreshKon Mosaic boasts a superior design that offers excellent comfort and easy wear.

Freshkon Mosaic is able to give wearers a natural look and elegant impression due to their unique hyper-real pattern, with well-defined outline. Superior comfort experience with Freshkon contact lenses, as they have hydrophillic surface on the lenses, superior wettability (55% water content) and easy-to-fit. Furthermore, Freshlook has the large optical zone for clearer vision and a wider range of prescription (available from -0.00D to -10.00D).

Recommended selling price (RSP): RM 70 per box

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