Freshlook Cosmetic Contact Lens

The World’s Best Selling Cosmetics Contact Lens

From subtle to dramatic, 12 stunning shades from Freshlook ColourBlend, easily gives what you are looking for. Patented 3-in-1 technology blends with the eye colours easily for a natural look. Freshlook ColourBlends are available in daily* and monthly disposable.

Due to hygiene purpose, Ciba Vision decided not to provide trial samples to optical shop. In fact, they took the initiative to come out with online Freshlook Colour Studio. Simply just visit You can opt to upload your photo and try out the colours with a simple click or explore the look with one of the Freshlook models provided.

I, personally, classified Freshlook ColourBlends into 4 categories;

Natural look Brown, Amethyst
Appealing and stunning look Green, Gray, Blue, Pure Hazel
Lavish lookHoney, Turquoise, True Sapphire
Vibrant and flamboyant lookGemstone Green, Sterling Gray, Brilliant Blue

Colours available just give you the freedom to change your iris colour from time to time. However, for those wearers with large pupil, you might find that side vision is hazy.

*Freshlook One-Day only available in Green, Gray, Blue and Pure Hazel shades.

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