You may already have one eye on the latest trends and fads, knowing that colour contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular within celebrity limelight and culture. We’re long past their common and sole use, before coloured contact lenses were used for spectacular transformations on set, for actors to become a particular character or to fit a certain genre. Nowadays you can find celebrities, as well as fashion savvy people wearing them to enhance their everyday look.

Similar to dying your hair, wearing jewellery and painting your nails, colour contacts can add those finishing touches to your desired image. If you already require prescription contact lenses then why not get creative and substitute those clear contacts with something a little different? It may just give you the extra edge that you’re after.

Perhaps you’re a first timer and you’re fluttering with the idea? Cosmetic coloured contact lenses can go a long way in providing you with a brand new glint for all to admire.

Applying any contacts may at first seem daunting, but don’t fret, if it’s your first time then like most things practise makes perfect. We all know how sensitive our eyes are so take extra care and precaution with your contact lenses. Failing to look after your contact lenses may result in irritation, but if all the right steps are taken then implementing some colour contacts and maintaining their image is a pretty simple procedure.

Choosing Your Tints:

Although some coloured contacts are made up of striking and piercing colours many on the market simply mimic natural looking iris shades. Enhancement tints use a translucent tint that heightens your natural eye shade. This type of coloured contact is perfect for people who have light coloured eyes and simply want to make their eye colour that bit more intense. By using an enhancement tint you can bolster your original eye colour and become that more defined.

Visibility tints are predominately light blue and green tinted colours. These tints are added to help you see clearer whilst inserting and removing, or if you drop them on the floor. These are extremely subtle and are more for practical reasons rather than accentuating or changing your eye colour.

For the outlandish and experimental then the opaque tints are the ones you want. These are a non-transparent tint that has the ability to change your entire eye complexion. These are commonly affective for people with darker eyes who are looking to drastically change their eye colour.

Things To Consider Whilst Selecting Colour:

Just like you do with clothes or shoes – for best results you should pick a colour that will suit you. Consider your hair colour and skin tone for a complementary blend but alternatively if you’re seeking a jaw dropping transformation then you can be daring and go against the grain.

To keep it natural then you should explore grey and green tints, especially if your natural colour is blue. Opaque coloured tints are great for darker eyes, so if you have mysteriously dark brown eyes then adding a honey brown or hazel opaque tint can adjust your style without totally recreating your eyes.

If you seek to stand out from the crowd and want to make a brave change then contact lenses in vibrant, striking and vivid colours is obviously your best bet. Violet, orange, electrifying blue and lime green can soon have you adopting a fresh compelling appeal.

Why Not Cast An Eye

If you’ve been wondering how particular ‘stars’ keep up their radiant appearances, then for sure their wealth has a lot to do with it, but sometimes all they’re doing is wearing a pair of coloured contact lenses. With the way modern culture is taking us and the need to ‘look good’ being ever present its certain that coloured contact lenses will continue to play a big part in fashion accessories and popular culture.

There may even come a time where coloured contacts are bought without debate or question. A time where it’s so blasé we buy a new pair every week from our local shop. However, we are not there yet, but in the meantime why not experiment with your style and experience some colour. Whether it’s subtle and slight or it’s adventurous and bold, you can happily welcome coloured contact lenses into your life.

Contributed By: Laura Watson

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