There are so many brands of daily disposable in the market. How do I know which one is suitable for me?

Always choose what is necessary for your eyes.

  • Acuvue 1-Day Disposable (J&J), Biomedics Daily (Cooper Vision), Focus Dailies (Ciba Vision)

If you only wear it for few hours a day, e.g. playing games or attending dinner function, then brand stated above is sufficient.

Price range from RM75 to RM90.

  • Acuvue Moist (J&J), Focus Aqua Comfort Plus (Ciba Vision)

If you feel not very comfortable or dry after wearing the normal daily disposable lenses, then you should try Acuvue Moist or Focus Aqua Comfort Plus, as the contact lens itself comes with the technology that provide an extra layer coated on the lens to maintain the lens moisture. Thus, by wearing it, you’ll feel more moisture and comfortable.

Price range from RM100 to RM120.

  • Soflens Daily Disposable (B&L), New Day (Sauflon)

If you have slight astigmatism of -0.25D to -0.75D, wearing these contact lens will enable you with clearer, crisper vision. As an aspheric design lens, it can eliminate spherical distortion.

Price range from RM90 to RM100.

  • Proclear 1 Day from Cooper Vision

If you have slight astigmatism, but tends to feel dry wearing Soflens Daily Disposable or New Day, then Proclear 1-Day will be your good choice. Also an aspheric lens plus a biocompatible lens material. For instance,  if your body is the sensitive type, using J&J ph 5.5 body wash will make you feel better and comfortable.  Thus, biocompatible lens is the material that gives extra comfort to your eyes, as it is created to be more compatible to the eyes.

Price range from RM100 to RM110.

  • Acuvue TruEye (J&J), Clarity 1-Day (Sauflon)

If you tend to use the lens for long hours each time, then Acuvue TruEye will be your choice. It is made from silicone hydrogel material, that allows more than 5x oxygen transmissibility into your eyes. Thus, enable to avoid eyes tiredness and dryness problem. Making your eyes looking whiter and healthier.

Price range from RM125 to RM140.

  • Soflens Daily Disposable Astigmatism (B&L), Focus Dailies Toric (Ciba Vision)

If your astigmatism is -0.75D to -2.25D, then you have to go for Toric lenses to enable you to see clearer.

Price range from RM110 to RM120.

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