How to avoid eye infections?

Eye infections. Very common in today society. Abusing the usage of contact lenses is the main cause for eye infections. God created our eyes so unique that, even though you tends to abuse contact lens wear on both eyes, only one side of your eye will be infected.

Normally, eye infections will not occur out-of-sudden. Accumulative of the abuse usage of contact lenses. Such as:

  • Wear extended hours
  • Use the lenses even though expired
  • Not practicing the hygiene and proper care of contact lens wear

Thus, in order to avoid eye infections, you should:

  • Change to daily disposable lenses
  • Use extended wear contact lenses for long hours usage
  • Discard contact lenses accordingly. At times, 1 month contact lenses might not last for a month due to the lens discoloration. User might need to discard earlier than predicted as the lenses cause some discomfort to you.
  • Practice proper way of handling contact lenses. Either get the information online, or seek your eyecare practitioner.

P.s. Think properly. How much consultation fees you are going to pay the eye specialist when you got infections? Is it worth it? Burning a hole in your pocket and enduring the pain in your eye?

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