Steps that I am going to guide you in removing the stuck contact lens are mainly for soft contact lens only.

  1. Do not be panic. Keep calm. Wash your hand properly. Dry it up.
  2. Lubricate your eyes. You can use multipurpose solutions, saline or eye drops.
  3. Blink for a few times.
  4. By looking up, try to place the pad of your finger tip to the contact lens, and slide it down onto the white of your eyes . If you cannot manage to slide the contact lens down, repeat step 2 and 3 again.
  5. Then, carefully pinch it out of your eyes. Please do be careful not to scratch your eye. 

Please be careful not to scratch your eyes. If you still cannot manage to do it, stay calm, and refer back to your optician or optometrist.

Normally, removing the lens difficulty only occur when you wear too long hours or you sleep with your lenses. Do not get panic that the contact lens can go behind the eye. This is impossible!

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