Do imagine your contact lens as your undergarments.

Will you wash your undergarments each time after wear? I will. So for me, the same condition applies to my contact lens. Protein depositions and dirt particles will stick onto the contact lens. I will definitely rub my contact lens after wearing it for the whole day. Rinse it thoroughly before storing it into fresh new solution.

Some will say, “Multipurpose solution does play the role in cleaning the contact lens, right? Plus, on the bottle always indicate ‘NO RUB’.” That is for sure. But how effective can the multipurpose cleans the contact lens? Dirty lenses will create a lot contact lens complication to your eyes, especially in long run. Imagine yourself just by soaking your undergarments in the pail, then rinse and dry it. Is it clean enough? No. Scrubbing and thorough rinsing is needed to ensure dirt go off.

Thus, please be keen on rubbing and rinsing after and before wearing the contact lens on the next day. Proper hygiene is a must for all contact lens wearer. If you are so hesitate or lazy to do rubbing and rinsing, then strongly recommended that you wear back your spectacle permanently. Or change to daily disposable contact lenses. No hassle. Just wear and discard it off at the end of the day. Just like disposable panties.

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