I have a love relationship with contact lenses. Anyone who has tried lenses would probably love how it gives that extra twinkle to your eyes. Sometimes I do get bored with big eyes contact lenses. Hence, been searching for diameter 14.0mm  that could offers quality colour lens and yet affordable price, I came across iMelody colour contact lenses by iContact International.

imelodyboxTo be able to enhanced my eye beauty without giving me the barbie doll, big eye effect, then iMelody colour contact lenses would be my choice for now. The larger optic zone in the centre, enable me to see the world clearly without any distortion. No more colour lapping disturbance which I encounter with Freshlook Colourblend.

An attractive solution for wearers with different needs is what iMelody colour contact lenses are designed for. For beauty reasons, to achieve a confident or engaging look or simply to differentiate your own distinctive style. The variety of mystic colours allows one to showcase different moods and can be fashionably worn to create a classically beautiful look all the time.

Love the radiance limbal design that can blends naturally with my eyes! My eyes just shine with iMelody colour contact lensesTheir gorgeous, vivid hues endows eyes with mesmerizing magnetism, making my eyes the center of attention! If you would like to give your eyes a little pop then iMelody is a great choice to grab attention! 

I would give it a 4 star for the comfort level. Without the less visible outer black ring and special rounded edge design, I almost forgotten that I am wearing iMelody colour contact lenses. However, at the end of the day, my eyes tends to feel a bit dry. 6-8 hours would be the most recommended wearing time.

iMelody hazel
iMelody contact lenses – Hazel Colour
iMelody contact lenses review
iMelody Colour Contact Lenses effect
iMelody Colour Contact Lenses - Mystic Colours
iMelody Colour Contact Lenses – Mystic Colours

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