I received lots of queries about Blincon Color Contact Lens that shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I understand the confusion. You were informed by different eye care practitioners, the different answers.   

I had clarified this matter with Blincon supplier. All series of Blincon Colour Contact Lenses are designed to be worn 1 to 3 months before being disposed of.  All series includes Blincon (black box), Blincon Pearl, Blincon Sweetie, Blincon BB, Blincon CC, Blincon B Color Toric, and Blincon Color Toric.

Well, be responsible for your own eyes. If you know you are lead an active lifestyle, by wearing your Blincon Color contact lens on daily basis for long hours, then discard your contact lenses after a month wear. By saving a few bucks now and burn a big hole in your pocket later by getting an eye infection is not worth it!

If you wear your Blincon Color contact lens about 5 times a week, 5-7 hours a day and practice proper contact lens handling methods, such as rubbing lens, using protein remover to clean your lenses and others,  then suggested that you may use the Blincon Color Contact Lens for 2 months.

3 months disposable will be suggested for those who hardly use their lenses. Maybe you only wear it 1 to 2 times a week.

Wears your contacts responsibly!

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