Lens 2 is a machine used to clean your contact lenses. Convenient as you can bring it anywhere. Cleaning can be done either at home or outside. Suitable for those patient with busy schedule where they got no time to clean up their lenses. Cleaner lenses enable you to use it at a much comfortable state especially after 2 weeks of using the same pair of lenses. Protein start built up, can cause itchiness or redness or other eye complication to the eye for those sensitive patients. With Lens 2, no more problem. Just put the lenses into the case provided then press a button, the whole machine will vibrate by itself. Provided also a sucker, thus, without needing to wash your hands, u can easily put on the lenses with the sucker. User-Guide---Put-on-lens

Get this Lens 2 machine from their website at www.lens-2.com or from their respective dealer.

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