Dear Acuvue Clear,

We understand that you had been a wanted well-rounded lens from a trusted brand. You had helped many people to enjoy the freedom of life without glasses at an affordable price. Your contribution all these years will never be forgotten.

However, you cannot deny the fact that many of Acuvue Clear wearers started complaining that their eyes easily feel tired and dry after 6 hours of wearing you. We understand that they should not use the contact lens for too long hours but they just cannot help it. Humans, nowadays, have such a hectic life and busy schedule, they just got no choice. Their work normally needed them to face the computers for long hours and in an air conditioner room.

Good news is that we found a solution to help these human beings! They will be able to wear the contact lenses for long hours without much feeling of dry and tired eyes. That is Acuvue Advance Plus. Acuvue Advance Plus can provide 94% of oxygen transmissibility to human eyes and this is strongly recommended for your current wearers to be upgraded to. Human beings will be able to enjoy the superior all day comfort, especially with an active lifestyle. Acuvue Advance Plus is definitely going to deliver a lens-free feel to their wearers.

We know you love your wearers but we sincerely know you would want the best for their eyes. You sure understand that Acuvue Clear cannot provide all the advantages that Acuvue Advance Plus can give. Wearing you for such long hours will only do harm to their eyes, so, please do inform your current wearer to upgrade themselves to wear Acuvue Advance Plus for a whole new experience in wearing contact lenses.

Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


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