What is the multipurpose solutions for contact lens?

Multipurpose solutions gives benefits to contact lens user as the purpose are combination of disinfection and cleaning. Ideal and much convenient for disposable lenses. FDA approved multipurpose solutions are Renu Multi Plus, Solocare Aqua, Optifree Express, Optifree Replenish and Complete, that come with the ability to perform 4 steps of lens care compliance, including;

  • Cleaning the contact lenses – generally the effectiveness of cleaning the contact lenses by soaking the lenses for at least 4 hours. However, patient should always rub the lenses before soaking the lenses into the contact lens case (regardless of the multipurpose solution packaging written ‘No Rub’).
  • Rinsing the contact lenses – to remove off debris or particles that could irritate the eyes before wearing the lenses
  • Disinfecting the contact lenses – to kill up to 99.9% of harmful microorganism that could irritate or threaten the health of your eyes
  • Enhancing lens comfort during wear. 

Multipurpose solutions can easily get off the shelves at pharmacies and optical stores. However, not all type of multipurpose solutions are suitable for each individual. Do seek for professional consultation from your respective eye care professional before changing to different brands.

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