New colors for Freshkon Fusion – ‘Sparklers Series’

Finally, Freshkon Fusion comes out with new wonderful ‘Sparkles’ series! Offering an exquisite cut to radiant, sparkling eyes!

  • Well defined ring pattern creates a radiant, sparkling lens effects on the eyes
  • Unique lens pattern, with custom color blends, for more depth and brilliance

As for me, I do not really like the Dazzlers series. Putting on into my eyes, making my eyes look fake. Not keen on the color patterns, I guess. So, I usually prefer to wear Freshlook ColourBlends, where the colors look much natural on my eyes. However, with the new Sparklers series, I would definitely change to wear Freshkon Fusion again. Why I said so?

Freshkon Fusion VS Freshlook ColourBlends

  • Freshkon Fusion lens material is much more comfortable to wear. Offering 55% water content for optimal comfort plus the Hydrophillic (water-loving) surface.
  • Freshkon Fusion has larger optical zone for clearer vision.
  • Freshkon Fusion has wider power range from -0.00D to -10.00D.

I had tried on all the new colors. With the base of dark brown eyes, Brilliant Brown and Shimmering Grey make my eyes look even more sparkling during day time. Attractive. Night out, clubbing, Gleaming Green look unique yet natural. As for Glittering Blue, I do not fancy with it because it is more of light blue color. Similarity to Baby Aqua color. I would prefer slightly darker blue.

Do visit your eyecare practitioner to try out the new colors! Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder!

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