I received many emails and messages enquiring whether online Korean color contact lenses are safe to wear.

Are they safe to wear? After my thorough research and getting relevant information and facts (FDA reports) about color contact lenses, I do not think online Korean color contact lenses are safe to wear.In fact, I would advise all, not to be too rely on color contact lenses. Clear (non color) contact lenses should always be your first priority.

Indeed there was record showing that GEO Medical Ltd. did summited their colour contact lenses to FDA. However, a refusal report was last shown on 8-Aug-11. There are color additives that are approved for use in medical devices (contact lenses) by FDA. But, seriously, we do not know what color additives are those color contact lenses manufacturers used. The materials or chemical used are never shown or indicated in details for consumers.

Some online color contact lens wearers that I encountered, told me that their color contact lens was making their eyes feeling dry and tired after 3 hours of wearing it. While some, felt just as comfortable as any other contact lenses. You must be wondering WHY. Well, human are very special creations by GOD. Everyone react differently. If you do not have any symptoms, this does not mean that there is no sign. Contact lens wearers should actually have aftercare check up from time to time, for a thorough scanning of your eyes, by the eyecare practitioner. You would not be blind by wearing those contact lenses (not today), but in long term, there will definitely be a lot of complications due to contact lens wear. Condition might become more serious for those who never bother to comply to contact lens care and hygiene.

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