Really makes me wondered. Are those Optometrists or Opticians out there really practicing their profession properly or are they the same as another sales person in the optical shop?

Common occurring scenarios such as;

  • ‘That X brand you required is out of stock. Would you want to try ‘Y’ brand?  [Just want to close a sale]
  • The practitioner is praising the particular brand that you never heard up hill in down. [They could be pushing particular brand because of the higher commission given out by the company.]
  • No proper explanation on the type lenses available or prescribing the type of contact lenses that suits your lifestyle. [Might be too busy during peak hours or practitioner just not keen.]
  • When you are trying to share your wearing problems, practitioner just did not give you the proper suggestion or the consequences. [Practitioner might be lack of experience or knowledge.]

Strongly recommended contact lens users to equip yourselves with the proper contact lens knowledge before stepping into any optical shops in Malaysia. Whether the products optical shops are selling have the approval from acquired authorities is indeed important.  No one can understand your eyes more than yourself. Get a history recall of what brands you had tried and the feedback from wearing those lenses. Either you get a good practitioner that really put in their hearts to serve you, or seek the answer online, from reviews of other users. I do not deny that different individual could give different feedback. Thus, as a responsible practitioner or a proper prescribing method, you should to get a pair of free trial before changing you to a new brand. To be fair to the optical shop, I believe, if you purchase 2 boxes of contact lenses from them, you could request another pair for trial purpose. If you really find those contact lenses very uncomfortable, you may return the two unopened boxes to the optical shop to change to your previous or another brand.

Another suggestion is always seek advice for those practitioners who are using contact lenses themselves. Never try, never able to understand!

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