The quality and safety of many of the most popular brands of colored and limbal ring contact lenses sold in Japan and Asia Pacific have been called into question by The National Consumer Affairs Center (NCAC) of Japan

From night market and other places, you can easily find contact lenses that are selling at RM15 (approximately USD $4.50) per pair. Ever wonder why no such price of colour contact lenses available at leading optical stores?

In fact, thesandwich technology report entitled “Safety of Color Contact Lenses” highlighted that quality lenses such as 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE had no color pigment on the surface of its lenses. The report stated that some manufacturers inaccurately claim “no pigment on the surface” of their lenses when in fact they do.

Color contact lenses are designed and manufactured to the same high safety and performance standards as used across its entire clear contact lens range. Establish manufacturers hold on to their promises to protect eye health as the colorants are embedded between two thin, transparent layers of lens material and prevents the pigment from reaching the surface.

NCAC report co-sponsored by the Japan Ophthalmological Association (JOA) and the Japan Contact Lens Society (JCLS) focused on two areas primarily: product attributes and side effects. Human eye diameter is approximately 12mm in diameter, hence, contact lenses that is bigger than 15mm diameter will affects oxygen transmissibility. And certain lenses claims that it can be used for 1 year period, manufacturer tends to make the lens thicker, which also affects oxygen transmissibility. Both these lenses; big diameter and thick lens, will cause side effects like corneal swelling and lead eye infections.

 Do you think manufacturer are ethical to manufacturer the lens for your eye safety and yet providing it at low cost?  

Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is confident that it already meets these demands. And are their lenses selling at RM15 per pair? No. A box of daily disposable Acuvue Define lenses cost about RM130, which means each pair cost about RM8.

Online contact lens retailer, My Contact Lens Station, providing the lowest price ever, as your eye safety is their top priority. You can easily get 100% authentic quality lenses at much lower price than optical shop.

The choice is in your hands. Think twice before buying. Get quality colour contact lenses for your eyes!

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