Tap Water and Other High Risk Situations

Water is a very common source of very infectious and potentially damaging microorganisms that can produce sight-threatening infections and to never use (especially, tap water) water to store, clean or rinse contact lenses. Only contact lens solutions are allowed to be in contact with contact lenses.

Avoid splashing water directly into the eyes, contact lenses or contact lens cases.

Close eyes firmly while showering or washing faces with water.

One of the highest risk occasions for contact lens wearers is when on vacation and that an appropriate ‘travel kit’ should be carried and used to be especially vigilant with regard to contact lens care and disinfection.

Another high risk occasion for contact lens wearers is exposing lenses to potential contamination from swimming pool or spa water and that goggles should be worn while swimming. Care should be taken to avoid spa or pool water being splashed in the eyes. For emphasis, patients should be advised that if they wish to remove their lenses before or during such activities, they must be properly cleaned and disinfected before being reinserted.

Storing contact lenses in the bathroom will carries a high risk of airbone contamination and that special care needs to be taken to avoid atmospheric contaminants, especially by avoiding leaving containers open.

Solution in the contact lens case should never be reused.

Never too refill smaller contact lens solution containers with solution from a larger container.

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