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I realized many out there prefer non-big eyes contact lenses.  Below are the top 3 (non-big eyes) colored contact lenses most preferred by my customers.


‘Vision through GEOLICA is beauty.’ Geolica tagline and they delivers it.

By wearing Geolica Euro Celine, it can creates a truly elegant and luxurious color on your eyes. You can simply upgrade your style by wearing it. A 3 months premium quality disposable cosmetic contact lenses, with US FDA approval and a competitive price, Geolica is gaining more market share now than any other contact lenses in the market.




Freshkon Fusion Dazzler series is the 2nd preferred choice. Been in the market quite a while, Dazzler series definitely has a lot of their regulars, who just love the colors.

colorfusiondazzlersTop 3COLOURVUE TRUBLEND


Colourvue Trublend is available in monthly and daily disposable. Colourvue is a brand sold worldwide and well-known for their patented hydrogel material and UV protection. You have to wear it to understand why Colourvue lenses is a preferred choice.



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