freshkon-fusionLately, My Contact Lens Station had carried out a survey on top selling colors for Freshkon Fusion in Malaysia. Results are as below:

Malay Market

Dazzlers series; Misty Grey, Hippie Chestnut, Perky Brown

Sparklers series; Glinting Brown, Shimmering Grey
Chinese Market

Dazzlers series; Warm Hazel

Sparklers series; Glinting Brown, Shimmering Grey


From the above, you can see there is a difference in the colors selection for Freshkon Fusion Dazzlers series for Malay and Chinese market, while colors selection seems to be the same for Freshkon Fusion Sparklers series. 80% of Freshkon Fusion wearers prefer Sparklers series as compare to Dazzlers series as it gives a more natural look and slight big eyes effect. Glinting Brown will be a preferred colour as compare to Brilliant Brown because the colour shades is lighter. Hence, easily gives wearer a brighter and more attractive, stunning look.

Minority people especially in Chinese market prefer Dazzlers series. Dazzlers mainly selected by those who have a more daring type of personality, easy going and dare to be different individuals!

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