Toric Color Contact Lens

I believe there are many high astigmatism contact lens wearer who just wanted to wear color contact lens. Especially during their special occassion such as wedding, party and others. Just wanted to share with all that there are color toric contact lens available in the market. They are:

(a) ColourVUE toric Color Contact Lens

Like other popular Big Eye series contact lens, colourVUE toric color lens featuring back toric design for better comfort, introduces their ‘Georgeous Grey’!

However, the lens did not seem to appear grey color when i wore it. The color looked very natural, quite similar to the color hazel or brownish. My eyes only appear slightly bigger, unlike the obvious transformation that I saw while I was wearing Freshkon Alluring.

Nevertheless, the contact lens was very comfortable to wear and very stable. I hardly notice blur vision while wearing it.

(b) Blincon Toric Color Contact Lens

Blincon toric color contact lens has custom order for those wearers with odd axis. However, delivery will probably take 1 to 2 months duration. Their stock lenses are available in a wide range of colors and prescriptions. From the diagrams, you can see that Blincon toric color lens have 10 different colors and power range is indicated there.

My choices are spoilt with Blincon Toric Color Contact Lenses. Now, I can actually wear various noticeable colors contact lenses every 3 months without the need to compensate my vision. I feel confident!

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