What should I do if my contact lens become dehydrated?

If the soft contact lens is exposed to air while off the eye, it may become dry and brittle and need to be rehydrated. If the lens is adhering to a surface, e.g. the lens is sticking on your contact lens case, apply the recommended multipurpose solution before handling.

To rehydrate the contact lens, you should:

• Handle the contact lens carefully.
• Place the lens in its storage case and soak the contact lens in multipurpose solution for at least 1 hour until it returns to a soft state.
• Clean the contact lens first, then disinfect the rehydrated lens by using multipurpose solution.
• If after soaking and the contact lens does not become soft or if the surface remains dry, DO NOT USE THE CONTACT LENS UNTIL IT HAS BEEN EXAMINED BY YOUR EYE CARE PROFESSIONAL.

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